About Us


Dina’s first coveted handbag was a bubble gum pink and white beaded clutch with a Lucite handle. It was the perfect size for her Bonne Bell lip-gloss, the fake keys to her Barbie car, and a pack of watermelon Hubba Bubba.  Betsy’s was a cross body patent leather cupcake purse. It wasn’t the perfect size for anything except the eight silver dollars the tooth fairy had given her.

After both graduating from University of Pennsylvania, their father’s alma mater, the girls headed north to New York City. Dina found her calling in sales, selling media space and then founded her own personalization and gifts business. Betsy focused on continuing her education at NYU’s Stern’s School of Business and for the next 14 years launching products and running beauty brands at L’Oreal.

Throughout the following years, they went from backpacks to work totes to diaper bags.  Life was good.  The sisters moved across the street from each other. Their husbands became like brothers, and eventually their collective five children became best friends.

And then in 2016 their dad, Alan Fred, suddenly passed away. For both Dina and Betsy, it was a wake-up call. Reflecting on the unpredictability of life, Dina decided now was the perfect time to get back into the working world. Betsy decided that now was the perfect time to leave corporate America and put her professional energy into something she could own.  With Betsy’s experience in brand marketing, Dina’s background in sales and their mutual sense of style, Fredi Alynn was born.  

Fredi Alynn is a tribute to Fred’s memory and values:  family is key, working hard is expected, and finding your passions feeds the soul.  Fredi Alynn stands for quality, NYC functionality, and signature style.  It’s a modern, upscale brand that lends itself to an active lifestyle.